Hamari Batein

    At ZIET Gwalior it is always an exciting opportunity to learn and guide fellow teachers in reshaping music teaching methodologies. within this dynamic learning environment we engage in a reciprocal exchange of ideas. This collaborative approach not only enriched our own understanding but also provided a platform for discovering new songs, sharing insights and collectively creating a mere vibrant and effective teaching experience.


    Ms. Jyoti TiwaryPRT(Music), KV No.3, Delhi Cantt (Second Shift), Delhi Region

    In service Courses conducted by KVS for TGT(WE) is an essential as well as fruitful activity for the participant teachers. Apart from the interaction and exchange of knowledge & experience, this a platform which also provides a common outline for conduct various skill based activities which is the ultimate aim of work experience as a subject.


    Mr. Rajnish Sharma TGT(WE), KV Agar Malwa, Bhopal Region

    Thank you ZIET, Gwalior for a good ASO training course. Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real-life examples, which all made the course a really enjoyable and informative training course. This has fulfilled my expectations as a trainee. A wonderful training course – personally and professionally.


    Mr. G S Kushwah ASO, KV No.1, Sagar Cantt., Jabalpur Region

    Participated in the workshop on the “importance of THEATRE IN EDUCATION” at ZIET Gwalior which was very helpful and I learnt a lot from this workshop which is very evident in the increasing interest of the learners in my classroom teaching.


    Mr.Amit KumarPRT, KV Jamuna Colliery, Jabalpur Region

    I was given the opportunity to attend a workshop on “Use of Theatre and Cinema in Education”. It was an absolutely amazing & enlightening workshop in the comfortable environment and beautiful campus of ZIET GWALIOR wherein all the participants actively participated in all the hands on activities under the guidance of hon’ Director sir, resource persons and guest faculty. Hearing everybody, stimulation, variety of ideas, opportunity to contribute, flexibility, timing of talk/ listen/ activities were the main highlights of that brainstorming workshop.


    Ms. PrernaPRT, KV New Cantt, Prayagraj (Shift I), Varanasi Region