Rules and Regulations


    • All the participants are requested to retain the items or materials in the hostel room in the same condition in which they have been received.
    • Don’t use your own electrical appliances like room heater in the hostel
    • Don’t take any eatables in the room.
    • Smoking and drinking liquor is strictly prohibited.
    • Ensure that the door of balcony is locked and switched off the lights and
      fans before you lock the main door.
    • Entry of outside persons is not permitted in the hostel room.
    • Don’t do any unwanted dispute/argument with the Canteen Staff. Complaints, if any, are to be informed to the Director.
    • Stay facility is not available to the family members/relatives of the
      participants. If inevitable, permission is to be taken from the Director
      with ID proof.
    • During hostel stay period, complaints, if any, are to be reported to the
      Hostel In-Charge or any faculty member.
    • When you check-out the room, close the door towards balcony, switch
      off the fan, cooler, geyser, lights etc., lock the main door, and hand-over
      the key to the guard.
    • Help the administration to keep the campus neat and clean.
    • If any medical assistance is required, contact doctors in the phone
      numbers written in the notice board at the entrance of the Hostel.

    KVS-ZIET, Gwalior